So Now I’m at My Layover

So now I’m at my layover. Thought I could at least start an article here while I have some free time.

I had a mild fever yesterday. Today I have a really bad cold. Not very good for singing. If you think of it, please pray that I would be able to sing in rehearsals in the next couple of days.

In fact, my ears were so blocked on the plane that I had to strain to hear literally every word the person next to me was saying to me.

I hadn’t planned on listening to the person next to me. I had planned to zone out, and listen to my iPod play music while I tried to catch some sleep. But God had other plans. The boy next to me was a college senior from Britain. He hadn’t been scheduled to take the same plane as me, but there was one remaining seat and he was going the same way on a later flight, so the attendants let him onto mine.

Funny, I had prayed for an empty seat next to me. Funnier, God filled it.

I had pulled the book The Pursuit of God (A. W. Tozer) out of my bag, planning to read it if I was feeling well enough. The boy next to me pulled out The Hunger Games, and as we were waiting to taxi, he laughed and said with a gesture, “The Pursuit of God, The Hunger Games.”  I smiled (maybe partly because of his elegant accent) and asked where he was from. He was very open to conversation, and so for a few minutes we talked about nothing in particular. Turns out, he had studied for a year in South Carolina too. Random little things like that kept the conversation going and before we had left the ground he had put The Hunger Games away. I didn’t feel like talking, but I told the Lord He would have to keep me going.

Then out of the blue, the boy asked me what The Pursuit of God was about.  Well, I was very happy to tell him, and from the time we left the ground until the time we parted ways at the airport I witnessed to him. He was very interested and open to what I had to say. He did a lot of listening and thinking, and asked a lot of questions. At one point I said “I could show you where such and such is in the Bible, I have it in my bag.” He said, “You have a Bible? Bring it out!” So I was able to answer all his questions with Bible verses, by the grace of God, even though I was using a new Bible with no markings in it that I had bought specifically for the trip. We talked from the plan of salvation to Divine ordainment to having a natural sense of right and wrong to what happens after you die, and many other things in between.

When we landed, he asked if I had a Facebook, and I told him I would friend him and we could talk that way. Maybe he will; I have no doubt this was not a coincidence. What an amazing opportunity for me as well, as I have been on my trip so little and have already been able to give a clear presentation of the gospel to an amazingly hungry soul.

So please pray for Brian, who had so many questions and was so open to the gospel, that he would continue to search until he has found the One who is The Answer.