Here Goes

This summer God has a unique adventure planned for me. I am part of Musical Mission Team 2012, led by Dr. Bill McCauley. I will be traveling abroad for about 10 weeks, going to France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic.

As an alto in the choir, my role will greatly be just singing, but I will have many other roles as well, like handing out tracts in foreign languages and helping host churches in whatever way is needed. I will be bringing my violin, and I hope very much that I will have a chance to play.

The team has been rehearsing since the fall semester, and I have been learning songs in English, French, and German. I know some German already, but French is very difficult for me. I always seem to have these little solos.

Monday and Tuesday, I will have all-day rehearsals/preparation with the team. We will have a guest speaker talking to us first thing. After that, it’s a lot of singing in other languages and then helping with other general preparations like putting together tract packs and taking inventories of team things.

Wednesday we fly abroad. I’m looking forward to a very long plane ride. When all is said and done, we will be in Geneva, Switzerland. From there we will bus to France.

The first little bit I will be in France, but after that, I will basically be all over Germany, crossing the border temporarily in some instances to hold a service in the Czech Republic, Austria, and Switzerland.

I am really looking forward to getting to know the kids on the team, staying in host homes, meeting Christian brothers and sisters in other parts of the world, and growing in Christ. Everyone who goes on the team says it is life-changing; I’m sure it will be for me as well, and I’m looking forward to what God has to teach me.

Other things (that seem less significant) are practicing my German, eating at a french sidewalk cafe (I don’t know if I’ll be able to, but I am praying about it), seeing the alps, touring a German castle (this I have wanted to do all my life), seeing the places I hear about on Hogan’s Heroes (for example, Heidelburg, Berlin and Dusseldorf), being on a European street (I think I have Paris in my mind, but we’re not going there). Getting bread at a bakery. Real, authentic, French bread.

When I think of going abroad, I think of first eating on a street cafe in France and second taking a gondola in Venice and having the boat guy sing to me. I also think of those old-fashioned-looking streets with cobblestone roads and the Eiffel Tower in the background (Ratatouille, anyone?). At the end of the trip I’ll write again what I think of when I think of Europe. No doubt my view will have changed by then.

Things I’m not so sure about would include being far from the states, getting headaches, getting sick, getting lost. I guess these things are all “what-if” sorts of things, and nothing that I can’t pray about.

So basically, I’m looking forward to an epic summer. Please keep me in prayer because I need it. Because I can’t do anything without it. Also because I don’t want to anything stupid like forget my passport or get lost in Berlin. Or accidentally insult a German or something. You know.

Please pray that I would be a good testimony, that I would make the gospel attractive, that I would make an effort to keep good relations with everyone on the team, that I would not have headaches, that I would be placed in host homes with people who need to be ministered to one way or another (and on that note that I would see the need to minister, forgetting about my comfort zone), that I would sing well, that I would stay healthy and safe, and that I would become more like my Savior every single day.