Snippets and Pieces

SO I have not got all written that I wanted to have written. But here are some of the random entries I have.  I am working slowly but surely at filling in all… Continue reading

My journal

So basically, I’m keeping a journal for the team and when I get internet I’ll post it here:) Here is what I have thus far:) Wednesday, May 23, 2012. 1:00pm EST Rehearsals have… Continue reading

So Now I’m at My Layover

So now I’m at my layover. Thought I could at least start an article here while I have some free time. I had a mild fever yesterday. Today I have a really bad… Continue reading

Here Goes

This summer God has a unique adventure planned for me. I am part of Musical Mission Team 2012, led by Dr. Bill McCauley. I will be traveling abroad for about 10 weeks, going… Continue reading